RaimaExplorer 1.2

Easy access to all your files and folders


  • Support for tabs


  • Not that different from Windows Explorer


RaimaExplorer is an alternative file manager for those who aren't happy with Windows Explorer. It definitely offers certain advantages over the standard Windows manager, but still it's not as easy as I expected it to be.

The first problem I encountered was tabs management. Yes, the program does have support for tabs but you can only open them by double clicking on the tab bar or using the "New tab" button. I personally think a "New tab" command on the folder's context menu would have been much more intuitive.

Besides the aforementioned tabs and several shortcuts to system folders and a DOS prompt, RaimaExplorer offers no other special functions we can find in other alternative file managers.

RaimaExplorer is a multi-tabbed File Manager. It enables you to work with as many open folders as you want in one application.

Take a look at what this program features:

  • View mode(details, thumbnails, etc) saved for each folder
  • Bookmark a folder for easy navigation later
  • Customize the toolbar - add bookmarks if you want.
  • Breadcrumb navigation for each tab
  • Save tabs as groups for easy access later



RaimaExplorer 1.2

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